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Pool with Lounge Chairs  l Revere Apartments in Campbell, CA
Spring Cleaning at Revere Campbell

Spring Cleaning at Revere Campbell

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After a seemingly long winter, spring is now around the corner. Make your spring cleaning fun by going green this year. Going green means you stop using those chemical-laden cleaning agents and using eco-friendly cleaning agents you already have at home. Why is it necessary to have a clean home?


Mental Health Benefits Of a Clean Home

Some health benefits of a clean home include:

Reduces Depression

Science has proven that being in a dirty or crowded environment can affect the human mind and lead to depression. That's why they coined the phrase clean home clean mind.


Boosts Your Energy Level

When you are in a dirty environment, you'll feel worn out and tired. A clean environment will make you feel more energized, making you more productive.


Make You Feel Comfortable

It feels more comfortable relaxing in a clean house than a dirty one. Being comfortable has a lot of benefits for your mental health.


Ways to Go Green with Your Cleaning Process

Green cleaning means avoiding toxic and harmful cleaning agents sold in many stores in Campbell. You can use simple agents like soap and water for cleaning.

Another eco-friendly cleaning agent you can consider is baking powder. This product is good at removing unwanted odors from upholstery and carpets. A paste of baking powder and water or vinegar is a good stain remover. You can also use lemon for cleaning because of its antibacterial properties.


Local Cleaning Services for Hire in Campbell

Hiring a local cleaning expert is the best way to go this Spring. But you have to choose reliable and honest cleaners. Here are the top cleaning services companies in Campbell.


  • Iva & Carla Cleaning service
  • Marvelous Cleaning
  • ARC Service
  • Daniela Rios Cleaning Services
  • Mary's cleaning service
  • Shine Cleaning
  • Innovation Cleaning Services
  • Oliver's Cleaning Services
  • Junior's cleaning service
  • Lilian's house cleaning


The above cleaning companies are experienced, reliable, and certified. Once they step into your home, you can leave everything in their hands. You can relax at Lake Vasona County Park while the cleaning work is going on.

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