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How to Prepare Your Apartment For Guests During Thanksgiving

How to Prepare Your Apartment For Guests During Thanksgiving

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There's no place like home. And that's especially true on Thanksgiving. Living at Revere Campbell means welcoming guests into your home with fall décor, aromas, and the delicious foods of Thanksgiving.

Prepare a Guest List

The apartments at Revere Campbell offer open floor plans with lots of space to accommodate all your guests. Preparing a guest list helps you shop for the right amount of groceries and plan seating at the table. A guest list also allows you to create DIY personalized place cards for each setting that set the vibe for a lovely Thanksgiving. And when sending invites, ask guests to bring holiday game ideas to play after dinner.

Menu Plan and Organization

When you plan your dinner menu, assign dishes to guests who may enjoy contributing to the meal. For anyone that doe not cook, choose an item readily bought in the grocery store, such as a bottle of wine or a bakery item. This takes some of the work off you and allows guests to feel like they helped.

The most challenging part of Thanksgiving dinner is serving the turkey and all the fixings piping hot. Cooking in an apartment may sound restrictive but structuring an apartment kitchen at Revere Campbell is easy when you create different work zones. Designate spots on the plentiful counter space for food prep, mixing, a spot to keep ingredients, and an area for cleanup needs. Make desserts up to a week ahead and prepare sides while the turkey is cooking.

After Dinner Holiday Game Ideas

Everyone knows the turkey gets blamed for making everyone feel sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. However, the turkey is not to blame! It's likely the extra carbohydrates and sweet desserts. To combat this phenomenon, gather your guests and walk across the street to the Los Gatos Creek Trail for a brisk stroll along the river. Now refreshed, break out those games, and enjoy!

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